Manage Team /

President Jiang Nanchun

Jason Nanchun Jiang, the founder of Focus Media, incumbent chairman of Focus Media.
Graduating from Chinese department of East China Normal University, he founded Focus Media in 2003 and overturned the traditional media concept of people. He is the first person putting forward the concept of life circle of media.
In Apr. 2006, Jason Jiang was elected as one of 25 China's most influential business leaders by Fortune.
In Feb. 2007, Jason Jiang became the 2006 Country Winner - Mainland China region of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year China which is the only global business award, and also has been identified as one of the most influential business awards.
In Nov. 2010, Jason Jiang obtained 2010 APEA (Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards) of “young entrepreneur of the year“, which was the first time the prize awarded in China mainland.
In Mar. 2011, Jason Jiang was awarded “Influential Figure of Chinese Advertising in 30 years Award " by China Advertising.

Kit Lowpresident and finance director, director

Kit Low joined Focus Media since Jan. 2010. He is the incumbent president and the chief financial officer and director.
Before joining Focus Media, Liu Jieliang once held the position of eSun Holdings in greater China, executive director of the entertainment group. Previously, Liu Jieliang held the position of executive director in media and internet research department of Goldman Sachs of the Asia-Pacific regions, mainly responsible for tracking, analyzing and researching main media and internet companies in China. Before joining Goldman Sachs, Liu Jieliang held the position of project manager of Johnson Controls Inc. in charge of development of Toyota in the U.S. market; later he held a global product project manager in Sybase Inc., an entertainment software development company of the United States.
Liu Jieliang graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison and obtained Bachelor of Science degree for industrial engineering and filmmaking, and got an MBA from Columbia Business School in the United States.

Shen Jievice-president, secretary of the board and director.

Shen Jie, joined Focus Media in Aug. 2014, now hold the offices concurrently of vice-president, secretary of the board and director.
Before then, from 2000 to 2006, Shen Jie has assumed the position of attorney of Capital Markets Department and Acquisition department in Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP New York headquarter and branch of Hongkong. From 2006 to 2009, he held the office of legal department director and member of risk control committee, issuance of the internal audit committee and company supervisors in Goldman Sachs Gaohua Securities Co., LTD.; from 2009 to 2013, he held the position of investment banking executive director, the managing director in Goldman Sachs Gaohua Securities Co., LTD. Shen Jie graduated from Genetic Engineering School of Fudan University with bachelor's degree. After studying law major in the New York University, he received a doctor's degree in law.

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