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Covering more than 260 cities; Exceeding 1,200 main cinemas
More than 8,000 movie screens.Occupy 55% of markets.
Media Value of Urban Cinemas

Focus on young and fashion groups with high level of consumption

long8 www.iconmedialab.com Focusfilm movie theatre network focus on young people of 20 to 40 years old for whom watching movies has become their popular way of entertainment. In addition, since watching movies are often combined with shopping, the audiences are the core consumer groups of cities.

Shocking Visual and Sound Effects

Huge cinema screens and excellent sound effects in a completely dark environment make screen advertising present the high quality of sounds and visual effectiveness and shocking experience, which can fully display the unique taste of advertising brands.

High Advertising Attention

Cinema environment is simple and limited, which makes the advertisements before films have a high degree of attention and memory. It was reported that according to a survey, cinema advertising recalls five times memories more than TV advertising.

Cinema Advertising Value to Brands

Focusfilm does not think cinema ads are the same with outdoor ads. In the age that entertainment's first and content is king, cinema is the core position of entertainment time and the mainstream channel of fashion culture; It is the platform for emotional and deep communication of brands and consumers; It is the mark of a younger, more fashionable brand which sets up high quality image and realizes the identification of brand premium; At that moment, what projected on the screen is not only a product, but the desire towards life, life attitude and inner dreams.

Focusfilm Innovation

In 2015, Focusfilm introduced UMAX three-side linkage screen advertising, and established nearly a hundred core cinema experience halls, thus, two sides walls around cinemas can broadcast advertising during playing films. By this way, much more shocking visual effects are formed. Advertisements can bring more vivid and realistic contents by the interaction between intermediate screen and each side of the screen advertising, which enables audiences to be more integrated into the profound brand impression.

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