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Covering 46 direct-sale cities in the country.Exceeding 1.1 million of self-owned positions.
Covering more than 100 million community people.70% of market occupancy.
Media Value of Community Posters

Focus on the groups with strong spending power

long8 www.iconmedialab.com 78% of audiences’ age is from 20 to 50
71% of audiences have more than 10 thousand yuan of family monthly income
70% of audiences own junior college degree or above

Media with High Attention

Posters are mainly placed in elevators of communities, which enables to create mandatory audiences in the limited space in the elevator and a high attention for advertisement during passengers’ bored time.

Sufficient Visual Reception and Communication

With its simple environment and extremely low interference degree, a targeted audience takes the elevator over 20 times per week, which generates over 10 minutes viewing time per week. Adequate time for viewing the poster frame advertisement information forms deeper communications between the brand and audience.

Framework Value for Products Dynamic Sales

More and more challenges appear in today’s economic environment and competitive environment, and customers require for more detailed information, sufficient reasons and description on cost performance advantages of products during purchasing, in addition, they may need to be provided with more promotion information. But so much information definitely cannot be displayed clearly in a 15-second television advertisement, which also embodies the disadvantage in the information carrying capacity of outdoor advertising. Because the general outdoor advertisements usually can only tell information within 6 to 10 words, and their contents rarely are noticed by audiences. Framedia can not only achieve highly effective arrival, but enable customers to read the frame contents in elevators thoroughly with enough time of one week, so that the brand selling points and special sales information can be easily accessed by customers over and over again to reach deep communications. By that way, sales can be greatly promoted.

Frame Innovation

In 2015, frame officially launched cloud strategy. Focus Media has founded property cloud based on property data such as the ages of community buildings, building prices and trading area analysis, etc in 2009. For example, building materials manufacturers only advertise in newly-constructed communities because of their decoration demands. Besides, Benz needs to advertise in communities whose price is more than fifty thousand yuan per square meter, while POLO is more welcomed in communities around twenty thousand yuan per square meter. P&G product promotion was done only in Carrefour for this time, so we only chose communities next to the Carrefour within 3km to make more accurate advertising.

In 2015, Focus Media brought into Baidu Cloud. Now 70% of flow of Baidu comes from the mobile terminals. Within a month, what were searched by several thousand people in a building through Baidu mobile terminal was bound with the latitude and longitude of the building. Baidu mobile terminal can study data of each building to analyze the different consumers. What words were searched more frequently, and what categories and brands attracted more interests from customers, which formed the Baidu cloud of Focus Media. Focus Media can study different consumptive demands and brands preference through the analysis on the search terms.

Focus Media has begun to study E-commerce cloud since 2016. Through cooperating with E-commerce, it can be learned that which buildings have bought what FMCG, so as to judge the product brand preference and purchase inclinations of different FMCG in different buildings. Frame should combine three cloud (E-commerce cloud, Baidu cloud and property cloud) into one, and use the cloud data to determine what ads should be placed in the frame for more precision, further to create a higher ROI for advertisers.

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