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Covering main office building of over 120 major cities in China.Nearly 140,000 sets of high-definition LCD screens.
Every day exceeding 200 million white-collar workers, gold-collar workers and businessmen are precisely arrived.Occupying over 95% in LCD display market
Media Value of LCD screens

Precise audience

long8 www.iconmedialab.com 71% of audiences’ age is from 20 to 45
68% of audiences have more than 10 thousand yuan of family income
Main fortune maker and consumer in China

Validity of Audience

Screensare mainly placed beside or in the building elevators
The only advertising platform in elevators where are essential to workers
Form valid visual reception during users’ bored waiting time

Advantages of Arrival Rate

Aiming at audiences aged in 20 to 45 with the monthly income of above 5,000 yuan
The arrival rate ranks first comparing with various of television channels and video websites

Focus Media- Trigger of China New Economy

Since 2003, Focus Media reached a consensus that China market never lacks domestic demands and consumptive power. Instead we should reflect on the methods of motivating consumptive power. The former enterprise driving style of depending on low labor costs and price competition is turning to one that depending on innovation, quality and brand. Focus Media expects to become the trigger of China new economy brand to boost the transformation and upgrading of service industry and consumption industry in China. For a prominent enterprise, economy backward period is also a historical opportunity period, during which an enterprise cannot survive only fighting on low costs and price competition. Enterprises without innovation and brand can hardly survive and will eventually be eliminated, leaving a much huge market which will sharply promote the brand concentration. Large numbers of hundred-billion-level brands in various sectors will appear during the process of upgrading consumptive services for urban middle class. The future, an innovation age of centering on voices of customers, is also the brand era focusing on contention of users’ mental resources. Focus Media is tied on the economic development chariot of Chinese New Economy. Enterprises boosting new economy rely on innovation and brand to stimulate and usher consumption, so this is also historical opportunity and mission of Focus Media. Forming highly effective and high-frequency arrival to 200 million white collars and golden collars every day, Focus Media is a representative of lifestyle-targeted media. In the mobile internet age which witnesses the information explosion, audience’s attention are constantly dispersed and snatched, which makes the leading ability particularly rare and prominent. Becoming the trigger of new economic brands is one task for Focus Media to complete.

Focus Media Innovation

Focus Media brought out O2O strategies in 2014: It was to install wifi and iBeacon in screens to promote the O2O interaction between Focus Media screens and users’ mobile terminals. For example, if you see the advertisement of some brand besides the elevator, as long as you use WeChat shake according to the brand's tip, then you can get free trial rolls or e-commerce coupons of the brand.

In 2015, Focus Media founded a 520 lovers’ day. Users can use Wechat scan or Wechat shake to follow the shared service account and obtain Cash or coupons of ele.me, DiDi and other dozens of companies. Everyone can get the gift. That campaign finally drove about 30 million users to follow the company’s Wechat service account. Therefore, Focus Media is able to push the corresponding electronic coupons and sale information to users inside the building when it begins to advertise for some brand, which enables the interaction between Focus Media screens and customers to establish a more effective relationship.

Focus Media believes that in the future, the relationship between a more effective screen terminal and mobile terminal should be NFC (Near Field Communication), therefore, the read heads of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) that supports NFC were installed in the screens of Focus Media. As APPLE PAY and Samsung PAY rising, the interaction between screens infused with NFC technology and mobile phones can directly move forwards to trades. By NFC, all Focus Media screens can be transferred to mobile “shop portal”, which not only enables customers to see the advertisements, but forms interaction and then completes trades.

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